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lycra_lovers's Journal

The seductively sinful world of stretch fabrics
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This is a community for lovers of lycra and other stretch fabrics. Its purpose is simply to celebrate lycra, the feel of it against skin or simply the look of it stretched over bodies. Feel free to post photos, questions, experiences or anything else of relevance. A few rules however:

The community is not intended to contain nudity, I will deny posts containing images of genitals.

That said, it's also not work safe, if your colleagues aren't comfortable with you looking at images of lycra, don't expect them to be kept behind LJ-cuts here.

Homophobia and other social prejudices will not be tolerated, I will ban anyone found harassing other members because of their sexual preference or the gender of the people in the photos they post.

Oh and have fun!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact your friendly moderators, madewithplastic and arishes.